For those not innately gifted with audio and or video editing ability, a user friendly program is crucial. Growing up, the early going Microsoft video editor software were at times of course simplistic for their time for what you could create, however the layout itself was typically confusing and time consuming.

The idea of cropping images used to be a chore, but with Rush, all clips and images are on a visible timeline. Easy to use dragging tools allow the user to minimize sections of a clip they want to view or have hidden. The scissors tool makes it so clips can be split, making them easier to trim down. Once you find a site that allows for downloading YouTube clips effectively, it is a one-step click to add media clips into your project. I really enjoyed working with the title slides and transitions. The right side of the program features tabs like titles, audio, transitions. Each tab has easy to use templates to choose from and simply drag into your video. The audio was easy to import and also trim down. The great feature with audio, was the ducting feature, where you could have a soundbite or music play in the background underneath any audio. I can’t reiterate it enough, Adobe Rush is the first video editing software that brings users of all levels together.

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