Setting, place, destination, what are our surroundings? Well I can paint the scene for you from my converted-garage-now bedroom, where I am looking out the white three pannel window at a cozy Temple Terrace neighborhood. The birds are certainly singing, and the squirrels are letting out whatever one might call the sound they make. The point is, we’re not at a bar, WHEW; it’s safe to talk about politics or religion.

One of my best friends lives in northern Idaho with his wife and small dog. They He absoultely loves it, except for his recent job where he’s been working at a small mom n’ pop restaurant owned and operated by a large Irish-American family. The family is huge, big enough to assume they are Catholic, but they’re not, they practice what is called Messianic Judaism. From my understanding before looking this up, it means Christians that also partake in Jewish traditions. One of Wikipedia’s sources on the issue notes that “Messianic believers generally consider the written Torah, the five books of Moses, to remain in force as a continuing covenant, revised by Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament, that is to be observed both morally and ritually” (“Defining the Old and New Covenant”).

As a Catholic, I was always taught to revere God in a way that stays true to sacraments and older tradition, but following the Old Testament seems to be almost counterintuitive. The obvious question stemming from this topic overall, is it realistically possible to truly be both a Jew and a Christian? Of course one can trace their Jewish heritage to a group of people, thereby creating a distinction in an factual race than only a religion as with Christianity. I was taught that Jesus came down to earth to acknowledge the old, but firmly stand by the new way. I’m interested to see what you all think. As Christmas approaches, we remember and honor the time that Jesus was born and came into the world to redeem the world. After his time on earth was finished, did Jesus want his followers to stick to Jewish customs or adopt more liberal practices (happy-go-lucky approach in some cases), focusing only on Jesus and their church’s interpretations?

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