Most professors I’ve had in the past that had the task of teaching us the do’s and don’ts in academic and professional writing, would cringe at me writing choosing to use a cliche such as this one: it’s that time of year. Well the heck with that portion of the doctrine because in sports, by golly cliches seem part of the game. In the last week of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, universities across the country typically compete against each other’s fiercest rival. For my Florida Gators, it is the garnet and gold wearing Florida State Seminoles, for Michigan it’s Ohio State, for Harvard it’s Yale. You get the idea. At this point I would prefer you those to keep reading who thoroughly enjoy college football.

What I love about college football more so than the NFL, is the passion from my fellow die-hard fans. A Tennessee Titans jersey for instance, doesn’t go beyond it’s layers of blue to represent decades of school tradition, be it song, dance, and any tradition passed down over the years. Every player and every game is a representation of your school and thus you in a way, leaving a connection stronger than any glitzy over produced Jerry Dome. Then there are the statistics. Of course we sport robots only recount them once a year, usually at the same predictable time every year.

This year hasn’t seen a great deal of regular season upsets, however tomorrows list of rivalry games, just may come with a few shocking climaxes. One upset we’re not looking for is any against the Florida Gators. The Tampa Times this morning, confirms we haven’t beat the Seminoles in Gainesville since 2009! The last ten years can really be summed up to Alabama’s dominance over the rest of the league. The Tide didn’t take home a national championship last year however, and the loss of their Hawaiian gun-slinger, leaves may believing they will fall on the road to rival Auburn Saturday night. That means not winning a title in back to back seasons, the first time that has happened since the arrival of Nick Saban. Speaking of dominance, Ohio State has beaten rival Michigan 14 of their last 15 meetings. Home field advantage may be another winner this weekend, and serve as a long awaited upset. Most of the games tomorrow don’t hold alot of weight when it comes to playoff implications. One game that may be overlooked though that not many are focusing on, #12 Wisconsin at #8 Minnesota. Just watch it, and the golden gophers may have a cinderalla story worth seeing.

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