Calling all country music fans! This isn’t but could be your blog for the latest on the hottest country trends, songs, and attitudes in country music today. As usual, I won’t hide my biases, instead I’d like to briefly highlight the release of a new album by one of my favorite artists Jason Aldean.

  • The album’s release was announced on 9/9/19, and is fittingly named simply, “9”.
  • Was released on November 22, 2019, around the same time of Miranda Lambert’s release of her eight album.
  • There are a total of 16 tracks on the album
  • The album is full of hits like ” “Tattoos and Tequila”, “We Back”, “Talk About Georgia”.
  • None of the songs are written by Aldean; the album features contributions from artists like Tyler Hubbard, Morgan Wallen, and Brantley Gilbert

What I’ve always enjoyed about Jason Aldean, is how effortlessly he sings a party, pump-you-up type of anthem to the public. Much country music sounds the same these days, a slew of recycled lyrics, guitar solos, and melodies that we’ve all heard one thousand times. However, with Aldean I’ve always felt that it was somehow original and unique, never quite sounding the same. When he sings, it’s believable even if it’s a rocker with simplified lyrics. That’s the difference between him and many of the other artists trying to make it right now in Nashville and country music, they don’t sound believable enough. There is the factor of not writing his own songs that semi ruffles my feathers, however Jason Aldean is certainly responsible for writing plenty of other artist’s major hits as well. Aldean has had that “it” factor for some time now. He’s a simple guy that sticks to his Georgia roots, that are relatable in his songs. Aldean along with Florida Georgia Line, has really changed country music, not being afraid to incorporate their love for other genres of music, specifically a hip-hop sound. This album is barely a week old, and I am already loving it! I can’t stop listening to “Tattoos and Tequila”, and if you need a kick start throughout your day, I implore you to check out this new album to go to.

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