Connor Mcgregor at a UFC weigh in

In the world of mixed martial arts, we have just received some quality breaking news. The news is both timely and much anticipated, for commissioner Dana White and the UFC has announced that lightweight contender Tony Ferguson will fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in April of 2020 after four attempts at trying to schedule this fight previously failed. The other major announcement is that “The Notorious”, also known as Connor Mcgregor, will be competing against “Cowboy”, legally known by Donald Cerrone on January 18, 2020. For those that don’t know who this wild man in the picture above is, he is a 31 year old wild man of Ireland, who five years ago put the sport of UFC on the map like no other fighter had before. He was cocky, but backed up his brash, unapologetic Irish talk with signature wins after win. He developed and marketed his own whiskey brand called Proper 12. Mcgregor was the first fighter in UFC history to claim three championship belts from two different weight classes. Back in August of 2017, Mcgregor took his game to a new level by challenging undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr to boxing match. Although he didn’t come out victorious, by bringing the UFC to the boxing arena, Connor Mcgregor opened up the possibility for new partnerships for the UFC.

The January fight comes after having been absent from the octagon for over a year, when Mcgregor was last defeated by Russian standout Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is now the undefeated champion who no one seems to have figured out. Mcgregor is still only 31 years of age, young and a superb striker. His ground game and stamina will always be his weakness, but the match against Cowboy Cerrone is the perfect one to get his feet wet and get reacquainted with familiar turf, albeit competing at a higher weight class. After a nasty off the field stunt, where Mcgregor was caught on video tape sucker punching an older man at a pub back in Ireland for no apparent reason other, hopefully some time off has humbled the truly notorious Irish legend.

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