My 82 year old grandmother’s early Alzheimers condition, makes it so her short term memory is a shadow of what it used to be not too long ago. It’s sad on many levels, one being that the disease takes effect in progressively worse stages, which basically equates to seeing your loved one slowly fade away right in front of you. The television is by far what keeps most of her attention throughout the 24-hour day, specifically sticking to PBS news hour, CNN and MSNBC. My grandmother enjoys the headlines and hearing all about the latest in politics, even if she forgets part of what she watched later that day. My grandmother is a sucker for marketing though, because she believes every headline. Let’s just also point out that she is the opposite of a Trump supporter, and frequently uses words to describe I care not to repeat online. I also believe her condition has made it so she exaggerates many things. How many times have I heard her say that the current impeachment inquiry with President Trump is “just like” Watergate with Nixon? The answer is a million times. What I have learned is that at this stage in my Grandmother’s condition and life, all she really wants is to be around people and talk to them. You have to let her tell you the same thing five times over in a day sometimes, and I’ve learned to let her have her opinions or just roll with the punches when she stretches the truth on something. My grandmother strolled in the kitchen yesterday morning with her cane and a big smile. I didn’t really know why she was more joyous and sprite than usual until it hit me. My grandma somehow remembered that the House of Representatives were going to possibly take a final vote on whether or not to impeach the president. In her mind, this meant that Trump might be out of the White House later that afternoon. Instead of getting frustrated and explaining to her how impeachment actually works within the House and Senate, the unlikelihood of receiving enough Republican votes to impeach, and how this differs immensely from Watergate, I just let her be. It’s what gets her going and keeps her entertained throughout the day, for that I am thankful.

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