Yes it’s barely December and I am already heavily thinking about new years resolutions. Since I don’t think I am necessarily resolving anything worth using the term resolving, why not make it a revolution. I just came across an interesting list while googling how to maintain your new years resolutions. For starters here’s what the list advocates: 1. Be realistic, 2. Plan ahead, 3. Outline your plan, 4. Make a “pros” and “cons” list, 5. Talk about it, 6. Reward yourself, 7. Track your progress, 8. Don’t beat yourself up, 9. Stick to it, 10. Keep trying. Whew, are we done yet? This is one of those easier even whispered than even mildly attempting. I am amazed and not surprised by the fact that we essentially make the same lists for ourselves every year around the holiday time, which really says something about American society. I mean everyone around the world celebrates the new year just about on the same day right? The difference is in Norway folks aren’t all pledging to get in shape because as a society, they’re already thin and fit. It would be like taking Colorado and stretching out that mentality across the country. Off the top of my head, I would like to actually commit to a fitness routine though. I would also like to commit to waking up early, not going out to eat, saving my money, and limiting my alcoholic intake. I like the some of the ideas on the top ten list and will break it down even further. But for the time being since we’re still early in December, what are your resolutions and can you make them count as a personal revolution?

One thought on “Ex Blog#9: New Years Revolution

  1. One of my goals this year was to be more intentional with my reading of the Bible and scripture. All of the tips given in this blog post are all great tips and things to keep in mind when goal-setting in general, not just for the start of every year. If I could rate myself so far this year I’d give myself an 8/10.


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